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University of Copenhagen, Department of Korean Studies.
December 2019 and March 2022.

  • I organized and ran the first game jam after a semester of teaching Game Design and Games Narrative to the students of the BA in Korean Studies. At the jam, they developed text-based adventures using Twine and Ink and drawing from the story worlds of "The Journey to the West".

  • The second Korean Game Jam was planned for the annual conference "Nordic Korean Studies Days" in March 2022. On Monday, I ran a workshop for all the participants, and I spent the rest of the week assisting the students in developing their games, which were displayed and presented at the end of the week to all participants.


A game world

A paper world in virtual reality where the player explores an old Japanese woman's memories by entering her diary and re-living her childhood and adulthood.


The concept was developed for the course "Game World Design", which focused on the creation of fictional universes for (digital) games and worldbuilding through narrative and exploration. The project was handed in alongside an art book and a report.

Guarda ora


Guess and Be Guessed

An online multiplayer roleplay game in which each player gets assigned a character, is asked multiple questions by the other players and has to answer them based on how their character would behave and react. Each player will gain points if he/she is guessed correctly by other players (which means the character has been well played!) and if he/she guesses the other players' characters.

The project was developed for the course "Game Project" and was handed it alongside a website for marketing purposes, a (speculative) overview of the budget plan and a report.



Are you Lost?

The app ANTenna is a digital playful service for students, staff and visitors of the IT University of Copenhagen. As the building can be confusing to navigate, the Ant Assistant will guide the user by giving clear directions on where to go in order to reach a specific location. The app also allows the user to leave virtual messages - or read the already existing ones - by scanning QR codes which can be found anywhere in the building.

The project was developed for the course "Play Design", focused on the theories and the design of digital playful experiences that are not "games" and handed in alongside a report.


Interrupt your co-workers and level up!

Among many applications that encourage positive attitudes, healthy nutrition and workout habits, there aren't many that promote vices instead of virtues. "Dark play design" is the design of playful experiences that might lead to danger, offensive and unhealthy behaviours. For the second project of the course "Play design", my team and I developed an app that encourages the user to interrupt his/her work colleagues while they're speaking by rewarding his/her rudeness with points and achievement.

The project was handed in alongside a report. We obviously do not encourage nor have a wish to design similar experiences, but it was interesting from an academic and design perspective to engage in this peculiar topic!

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