Cosmic Top Secret

Cosmic Top Secret (2018) is a Danish puzzle adventure videogame, also labelled as a "documentary game" about Trine Laier (lead developer) and her parents, former spies of the Danish Intelligence during the Cold War. During my internship at Klassefilm as a communication assistant and translator, I localized the English version of the game for the Italian market.



I am currently working as a freelance translator and copywriter for the Italian market at Trustpilot, where I translate and write content for the following departments: product development, support, marketing, customer success, content integrity and sales.


Papers, Please - The short movie

Papers, Please is a short movie released on YouTube, based on the homonymous videogame - I translated the screenplay from English into Italian as a volunteer translator, reaching out to the production house to offer my help. They sent me the screenplay in English, and I sent it back in Italian.


YouTube video translation

A few videos I have translated from English to Italian on YouTube.